Toggenburg – by Michaela Francis

ToggenburgI read this book while I was at CenterParcs with the family. The accommodation has no internet access so I was not distracted by emails or web browsing, which is a good job since the book is incredibly long. Neither the Amazon website nor the kindle edition list the number of pages but it took me 19hrs to read whereas a ‘normal’ book takes me 3-4.
I realised as I was reading that I knew very little about Switzerland other than they have part of the Alps, they make excellent time pieces, their railways run on time, they stayed neutral during WWII and there was a huge fuss about stolen Nazi treasure in numbered Swiss bank accounts. Well I certainly know a lot more now! Continue reading


NaNoWriMo 2014

I write non-fiction as part of my job and I hate it. I haven’t written fiction since school and I hated it then, so why on Earth did I say yes when my 13 year old challenged me to try NaNo with them. I’m still not sure really, other than a mad moment of weakness.
So to my surprise I actually enjoyed the process and here I am with 54,000 words of utter drivel on my laptop and no idea what to do with them. I can’t imagine anyone else will want to read it but the characters are calling to me to finish the story. Unfortunately, I’m a terrible procrastinator if I don’t have a deadline so they may have to wait until Nov 2015 before I see them again.
If nothing else, it certainly gave me a greater appreciation of how hard it is to write and how long it takes. It was quite depressing to find that what took me 2 hours to write could be read in 10 minutes. Still, I may do less cursing of my favourite authors as I wait an eternity for a sequel.

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