NaNoWriMo 2014

I write non-fiction as part of my job and I hate it. I haven’t written fiction since school and I hated it then, so why on Earth did I say yes when my 13 year old challenged me to try NaNo with them. I’m still not sure really, other than a mad moment of weakness.
So to my surprise I actually enjoyed the process and here I am with 54,000 words of utter drivel on my laptop and no idea what to do with them. I can’t imagine anyone else will want to read it but the characters are calling to me to finish the story. Unfortunately, I’m a terrible procrastinator if I don’t have a deadline so they may have to wait until Nov 2015 before I see them again.
If nothing else, it certainly gave me a greater appreciation of how hard it is to write and how long it takes. It was quite depressing to find that what took me 2 hours to write could be read in 10 minutes. Still, I may do less cursing of my favourite authors as I wait an eternity for a sequel.

NaNoWriMo2014 winner banner


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