Bone China Mugs

Bone China mug
I recently decided to replace some of our old, tatty mugs with new ones. Since tea tastes better in a china mug, that’s what I bought. The one shown is the one my daughter picked. I like it because it’s an aesthetically pleasing shape and it’s got the pattern continued on the handle, which is unusual.

“Why are some of them called bone china?” she asked.

“I don’t know. Probably something to do with the texture or manufacturing process,” I casually said, opening my web browser.

Oh no! I thought, as I read the page. Bone china is so called because it contains 35-50% bone – I know, who’d have thought!

My daughter is a vegetarian and hates any sort of harm to animals, so I was quite reluctant to tell her what I’d discovered. She took it rather well really.

Apparently some controversial bloke in America is turning human remains into rather grotesque death memorials.


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