Why Queer Representation is Actually Important

I know a few genderqueer, bisexual young people and it is a huge struggle to find representations of themselves in any form of media.
This leads to major self-esteem issues even with accepting families and no personal exposure to religious bigotry.

Reject Reality

It comes as no surprise that the LGBTQ community is seldom portrayed in the media, and even when there is representation it is often negative or inaccurate. Heterosexuality is portrayed as the norm, the default. I can watch any show or movie and there are definitely heterosexual characters. In fact, they’re everywhere. But I have to look very hard to find a LGBT character, and such a character is often a flamboyant, white gay man who is treated as more of a source of amusement than as a prominent, meaningful character. If I want to watch a movie with any gay people in it, I often have to sift through the “Gay and Lesbian” category on Netflix, as if these movies can only be identified by the sexuality of the characters and not the more common genres of comedy, drama, and action.

I grew up immersed in this culture, just…

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6 thoughts on “Why Queer Representation is Actually Important

  1. Hi Lynn, I can only agree with you and with the article. I think it is most important to have role models for all youths, and the few lesbian, gay or bi characters displayed on tv are often enough only like caricatures, but do not serve as role models. In addition, I think that this easily leaves the impression that there are only few lesbian, gay or bi people. If youths come to that conclusion they might have even bigger problems in accepting and living their own individual sexuality, which increases the problems they face anyway. I mean, this is about their identity and for youths having a positive role model that is reassuring is so important.
    Thank you for the article, I enjoyed it a lot.



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  2. This is so true. Here is another little erk I have with misrepresentation. Type “lesbian” anywhere on the internet and you get inundated with porn. If you try to search books, movies anything with that word, up pops porn. I wonder how many people are like me and don’t dare go searching through the results to find a book or movie that has a lesbian character you are looking for in fear of coming across any hard core questionable “porn”. How many people will think that this is a true representation of lesbianism? “Lesbian porn” is the biggest misrepresentation of lesbians and it isn’t even for lesbians.

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