Dirty old woman: Dreams of Flying in First Ladylove

Looks great 🙂

Anastasia Vitsky

Dreams of Flying is a special story of my heart, the coming-out of a newly retired librarian who finds love. Who says love only happens to the young?

Annabelle, the condo manager, wastes no time inviting the newcomer to her cabin cruiser. Here’s a snippet of the prologue:

“Ouch!” She gives a breathy giggle as my hand makes a second impact. “Now who’s the dirty old woman?”

“You’ll pay for that.” I’m glad she can’t see the ridiculous grin spreading across my face.

“Oh, please.” She lowers herself one more step, leaning until her back nestles against my chest.

I wrap her in a soundless slow dance to the lapping of waves against the boat. By some unfathomable stroke of good fortune, this creature has made Oneir live up to its name.


Dreams of Flying blurb:

Retirement means saying good-bye to everything she knows…and hello to a whole new…

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