Announcing (the 4th Annual) Ana’s Advent Calendar 2015!

Should be great fun and I’m quite excited to say the artwork is mine 😊

Anastasia Vitsky


It’s that most wonderful time of the year…again! For the fourth year in a row!

Ana’s Advent Calendar began four years ago as a small group of authors who contributed books as prizes. We laughed, got silly, had fun, and discovered community amidst the stress and paradoxical loneliness of the season of festivities. The highest compliments we’ve received all said the same message:

Ana’s Advent Calendar is the only place where I feel comfortable. This time of year stresses me out/makes me sad, and this is where I can come and find the strength to keep going.

People have asked us, “Where can I get more information about your Advent Calendar?” They’ve also said, “But I don’t like the holidays.”

Although Ana’s Advent Calendar is open to everyone (well, not bullies, trolls, or spammers), this event was created with a few special people in mind. If you:

  • Feel a little…

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What does a woman look like?

Excellent blog post by Michelle

Source: What does a woman look like?

What is it with women arbitrarily defining other women? How does someone wake up in the morning and decide they are the gender police, taking up Gandalf’s role and his line of “you shall not pass”? Goodness knows I can barely manage to remember to put my own glasses on in the morning (probably because my eyes aren’t open). No way in hell am I ready to start judging others.

Trans women are women: simple as that!