What does a woman look like?

Excellent blog post by Michelle

Source: What does a woman look like?

What is it with women arbitrarily defining other women? How does someone wake up in the morning and decide they are the gender police, taking up Gandalf’s role and his line of “you shall not pass”? Goodness knows I can barely manage to remember to put my own glasses on in the morning (probably because my eyes aren’t open). No way in hell am I ready to start judging others.

Trans women are women: simple as that!


3 thoughts on “What does a woman look like?

  1. Hi Lynn, I can only agree with your statement and what the article says. Isn’t it pure arrogance to assume that others can decide whether someone is male or female, because of certain kinds of behaviour, clothes or looks in general? As far as I know there are many transgender people who felt sort of trapped because their genitals did not match their inner identity. So, anybody who is not willing to accept that transgender men and women alone know who they are just shows a huge lack of respect towards another human being. How could anybody want to do that?! Thank you for the food for thought.



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