Ana’s Advent Calendar, Day 5 : Little Lynnie’s Christmas Crackers

My Christmas Story 🙂

Anastasia Vitsky

Lynnie Christmas

 Wow, what a busy day of recipe sharing yesterday! Did you find anything new you’d like to make? It’s not too late to add a recipe before Michelle B compiles everything into our Advent Calendar cookbook.

Our guest today may be new to you, but you’ve seen her in the coments. Please welcome Lynn! She has a story of Christmas crackers and Little Lynnie. 😀

Britons have been pulling Christmas Crackers whilst eating their Christmas dinner since Victorian times.

The design of the cracker is basically a cardboard tube wrapped in paper which overhangs the tube and is twisted to form two ends. Two people then pull the cracker between them and one end rips off leaving the winner with the central tube. As the cracker rips the integral explosive bangs, or cracks, making everyone jump.

The contents of the cracker…

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