Dear “Christian” Conservatives…


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It was just over a year ago when Leelah Alcorn stepped in front of a transport truck. Just over a year ago since she was buried under a name she didn’t like and didn’t want. But you won’t use the name she chose. Unctuous sympathy drips from your mouth while you refer to her as Joshua. I’ve read your articles, the ones where you blame liberals for causing her death. You claim she died because of depression and that real therapy, which reassured her of her innate maleness, would have helped. Then you quote doctors from John Hopkins University and a study which claims that 80% of transgender youths end up cisgender by the time they’re adults. But do you know what you ignore? That study had flaws big enough to drive a truck through. The researchers lost track of a bunch of the youths and simply assumed they’d stopped being trans. That’s not…

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2 thoughts on “Dear “Christian” Conservatives…

  1. Hi Lynn, awesome entry, and definitely good food for thought. I don’t believe that I am able to see half of the issues that come up when raising transgender children. However I think everybody should understand them as kids, teens, young adults who have found out about their gender identity, and support them. If anything, kids who come out of the closet are not ‘in a phase’, because revealing one’s gender identity (or sexual orientation) is so close to the core of a human being, makes you very vulnerable, and also means starting a long and difficult way, so that thinking it is ‘a phase’ does not make any sense to me.

    Acknowledging that their inner identity differs from their body and being able to name this, and then coming out, requires a lot of strength and courage (easy to see if you think about the negative reactions that might happen). That’s why I cannot understand how anyone can belittle and diminish another human being’s identity. Instead, I wonder how they can even consider denying someone their identity.

    The article started with Leelah Alcorn who had such a hard time after finding out who she really is. Instead of being supported, being given strength on her way, she got negativity and was not accepted as the human being she is. This is horrible, and I wish that the message at the end of Michelle’s article

    *If you’re trans and struggling, there are resources available. Please reach out. I assure you, you are wanted and needed*

    would be heard by all. This was what Leelah did not hear I think, and I am sad for her having been without the support she must have needed. We are all human beings, and everybody deserves to feel loved, wanted, needed, accepted.

    Sorry for rambling on like that, I think what hit me is this feeling helpless about how mean others can be, how some are unwilling to accept the diversity of human nature, how some even claim that they are doing it for someone’s good, and meanwhile they are slowly breaking them, killing their hopes and prospects for a better life. Plain horrible, isn’t it?

    Actually I think it is admirable when someone has flourished that much to be able to give their identity a name, to actually ‘own’ their identity. This is pretty awesome and I would love everybody to have that. Thank you once again for this. 🙂



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