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Anastasia Vitsky


Welcome to day two of the Finding Ms. Write blog tour, and the second day of my personal blogging out “Faux Pas,” my contribution. You can find my earlier post here.

Jove Belle introduced us to Finding Ms. Write yesterday, and now it’s my turn. Welcome, everyone! I’m thrilled to have you here.

So. I write kink. Guess what question I dread most?

“Do you actually do all the kinky things you write about?”

It’s enough to make a naughty author blush! I am, you see, a rather quiet person who likes to spend time thinking. Or playing with babies, or teasing my dearest friends.

I said once at a conference panel, “I’ve made the commitment that my private life will remain private.” The audience nodded respectfully, but I still received the inevitable question whether my fiction is autobiographical.

You see, my characters spank. With wooden spoons, to be…

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