Finish the Book!

Yesterday I spent a very pleasant afternoon with an old friend I haven’t seen for ages.

As we were catching up, one of my children mentioned that I’d written part of a book. My friend wanted to know if I was planning to publish it and I just laughed.

They did, however, persuade me that I ought to finish it, even if I am the only one who ever reads it, so today I’ve done some editing. I need to replace all the #apprentice, #village, #horse etc. tags it is littered with when I couldn’t think of a name for something.


Toggenburg – by Michaela Francis

ToggenburgI read this book while I was at CenterParcs with the family. The accommodation has no internet access so I was not distracted by emails or web browsing, which is a good job since the book is incredibly long. Neither the Amazon website nor the kindle edition list the number of pages but it took me 19hrs to read whereas a ‘normal’ book takes me 3-4.
I realised as I was reading that I knew very little about Switzerland other than they have part of the Alps, they make excellent time pieces, their railways run on time, they stayed neutral during WWII and there was a huge fuss about stolen Nazi treasure in numbered Swiss bank accounts. Well I certainly know a lot more now! Continue reading