Review: Galveston 1900: Swept Away

Galveston 1900: Swept Away by Linda Crist

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Galveston 1900: Swept AwayOn September 7-8, 1900, the island of Galveston, Texas, was destroyed by a hurricane, or “tropical cyclone,” as it was called in those days. This story is a fictional account of Mattie and Rachel, two women who lived there, and their lives in the months leading up to and during the time of the “great storm.”
Forced to flee from her family at a young age, Rachel Travis finds a home and livelihood on the island of Galveston. Independent, friendly, and yet often lonely, only one other person knows the dark secret that haunts her. That is until she meets Madeline Crockett.
Madeline “Mattie” Crockett is trapped in a loveless marriage, convinced that her fate is sealed. She never dares to dream of true happiness, until Rachel Travis comes walking into her life. As emotions come to light, the storm of Mattie’s marriage converges with the very real hurricane. Can they survive, and build the life they both dream of?

I absolutely loved this book.

I love historical fiction, especially if is about an event or era that is new to me and I have to admit that I knew absolutely nothing about Galveston or its storm of 1900.

Historical fiction with a lesbian romance is even better and I loved Mattie and Rachel and their slowly developing relationship. The secondary characters were all good too and their work and daily lives were well fleshed out and interesting.

Obviously, being set against the backdrop of a hurricane, there is plenty of heartbreak and some beloved, and not so beloved, characters do not make it.

There is information online about the actual storm and looking at the pictures of the devastation, I am surprised that anyone survived at all.



Review: It’s Not My Favorite

It’s Not My Favorite by Rue
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

It's Not My FavoriteThe Hutchinson sisters grew up under the piercing, pious stare of a preacher’s wife. Plagued by her ever-disappointed refrain, “Well, it’s not my favorite.” Their search to find their own way in the world has not been a screaming success.
Gwenn is a good girl, a responsible girl…a miserable girl. Her steady diet of vivid fantasies is the only part of her life she enjoys. She daydreams of new parents, a more exciting job and an actual love life. She struggles to run a business as The Organizer, while she stacks relationship carcasses in the closet of her own completely unorganized life. Her only real friend is her younger sister, Rachel.
Rachel is outgoing, risqué and happily gay. The only people who don’t know this little secret are her judgmental parents, Pastor Ed and Shirley. Rachel struggles mightily to dodge her mother’s constant attempts to set her up with “nice Christian boys”; while holding down a job at the bakery and keeping up with her rock-star girlfriend!

I would like to thank the author, Rue for giving me a feee copy in exchange for an honest review.

I liked the book overall and found it funny although some of the humour was a bit over the top for my reserved, English taste. I would probably rate it as 3.5 stars but not quite 4.

The place descriptions with added image links were a nice touch, although it was a shame Gwen didn’t explore new Zealand a bit more.

Most of the characters were likeable but my absolute favourite was Todd. I really, really want him as my assistant!