Today I am Grieving!

Last night I got the sort of phone call that nobody wants to get: One of my oldest friends had had an unexpected heart attack and the hospital staff had been unable to revive him. Still it is the way he wanted to go. Quickly and with relatively no pain.

He was incredibly lucky to have survived an extremely rare form of virulent throat cancer 7 yrs ago so he considered every day after that a bonus. As did all of us who knew and loved him.

Luckily he was at home when it happened and not driving his bus through Oxford town centre, although I suspect it would have amused him to take some of the miserable old buggers he drove with him.

I still can’t believe I’ll never talk to him again or listen to him play his guitar. He was a fantastic friend: kind, compassionate, generous and so, so funny. He was also a brilliant musician and writer too, and so unassuming and modest. I’m gonna miss him so much and I’m so sad he will never now finish his book.

Rest in Peace, Chris mate, you’re gonna leave a huge hole in my heart. I’ll drink a cup of the latest tea you sent me in your honour ❤  And just think, you won’t now have the hassle of having to ring BT to sort out your wifi.