On the Bonfire – Re-blogging and Ranting

Lego Advert 1981 This constant ‘genderising’ of everything is driving me insane, and it seems to be getting worse. IN the 1980s we have the following, fabulous Lego advert. Then in 2012 we had the whole Lego Friends controversy.Now it’s not the sets themselves that bother me – I actually like some of them. It’s the marketing. They have “For Girls” all over the box.
This of course leads to two problems: First it suggests that the other sets are only for boys and second, that boys cannot play with these sets. The same is true of the whole Rebelle series of Nerf guns.When, and by whom, was it decided that pink and purple were for girls and orange and green were for boys? Personally, I like purple and orange but not pink and green.
OMG! I’m having a gender identity crisis – or just maybe assigning gender to colours is crap and people should be able to like what they like without worrying about what ‘message’ it sends!
Then again what would be even nicer is if we stopped thinking in binaries altogether, since not everyone considers themselves to fit within the gender binary.

Good Morning, Good Morning!

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Written by Emmeline May*, Brilliant Guest Blogger

Lately I’ve been building a bonfire in my head. It’s a pretty big bonfire. I’ve stopped expressing myself in actual words and have found myself merely screaming “F**K THIS SHIT. PUT IT ON THE BONFIRE!” at the computer screen. Or the TV screen. Or, on one occasion, at my friend across the table at lunch, which surprised her so much she dropped her fork.

The bonfire is made, largely, of pink and blue boxes. Pink boxes contain all the things which tell women how and what they are meant to be and like. Blue boxes contain everything men are meant to do and be and want.

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The modern perils of an inner-ear infection

I’ve been suffering from an awful inner ear infection for about 10 days now. This is the fourth such in the last 6 months.

“Oh, it’s not that bad,” said the doctor. “Your eardrum is not red or swollen, so just take some decongestants and come back if it gets worse.”

Right, okay! Slight problem with that, I discovered.

Apparently, sudafed (pseudoephedrine) can be used to make crystal meth. Not, is used note, just can be used.

Now, I’m not a drug baron but somehow I can’t quite imagine them popping hundreds of pills out of tens of little blister packs and then grinding them in a pestle and mortar to extract the ingredient they need. Doesn’t really seem very efficient some how.

But because of this, I can only buy one pack of sudafed at a time. And unlike the lucky Americans who can at least get a pack of 24, no, here the largest pack is 12. Yes 12! That’s a whole three day’s worth.

Seriously, governments. Has the availability of crystal meth decreased since you instigated this ridiculous rule? As I couldn’t find any figures I suspect not!