Solar Eclipse

My children were born after the last solar eclipse that was visible in the UK so this was there first change to see one live.

They were cautiously excited but didn’t get their hopes up too much. Why, you ask?

  • Well it’s March in England so we expected it to be cloudy and raining,
  • and, it was only a partial eclipse (91% here in the Midlands) so we didn’t think we would see a huge amount.

As we expected it to be too cloudy to see anything, I didn’t get any glasses but we did make a pinhole camera when we got up this morning and discovered that the sun was actually shining.

Here it is in all its sophisticated glory: a long box with a small hole cut in one end, a piece of foil with a pinhole in taped over the hole and a sheet of paper taped to the opposite end to view the image.

Pinhole Camera

Pinhole Camera

Partial Eclipse 9.25am

Partial Eclipse 9.25am

This picture was taken about 10 minutes before the height of the eclipse and shows the small crescent still visible.

It was still quite bright and I didn’t really notice any difference to normal light levels.

We watched news coverage of the total eclipse over the Faroe Islands and it did go completely black there.

The kids thought it was interesting but not as spectacular as the total lunar eclipse we saw in 2008 in Wales.